Dangers of Do-It-Yourself

Do-It-Yourself_Botox_Derma_Blog_April09.jpg Although it may be a time for penny-pinching, do-it-yourself Botox kits are not the right way to approach cutting-costs. Many kits have been found to be on sale on the internet. For those of you keen on dabbling into the world of do-it-yourself, think twice about your decision. A few months ago a woman addicted to plastic surgery injected herself in the face with silicon, which ultimately resulted in a completely disfigured face. The Press Association reported on the at home Botox kits, "Botox injections are used to prevent wrinkles and lines. But the procedure is dangerous to carry out without medical expertise. Sarah Kidner, Editor of Which? Computing said: "It's easy to forget that Botox is actually a poison, which if injected in the wrong area could produce some shocking results."We were appalled that we were able to buy a DIY Botox kit so easily and we are concerned that the internet is becoming a marketplace for cut-price cosmetic treatments." These kits offering to help you cut-costs and remove wrinkles are not certified nor are their products. Over 30 cases of uncertified do-it-yourself Botox have been found in the UK alone. Botox injections and any other cosmetic dermatology treatment must always be performed by a dermatologist or a trained and licensed expert.
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