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Sunscreen_Derma_Blog_April09.jpg With the warm weather emerging and our bikinis coming out for beach season, it may be a wise choice to greet the spring and summer with some sunscreen. Over the winter months, many of us hibernate away from the sun and fail to soak up any rays, so our skin is more susceptible to burning when we first sunbake in the warm months. So as April heats up and summer shines around the corner, take a tip from dermatologists and lather your skin in 30+ sunblock. Beach days are great, but even with a bit of overcast we may still be vulnerable to the UV rays of the sun. So rather than learning the hard way, prevent skin cancer and sun damaged skin all in all by wearing and continuously reapplying sunblock. It is not uncommon to forget the strength of the sun during the cold and dry winter months.
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