Summer Sun and Skin Cancer

With sunny days starting to peek into Spring, it may be a good idea for our readers to take note of some health precautions before endless beach days take over and so too does skin damage. A study reported on by Reuters said that a gene may have been found that links to increased skin cancer rates. Reuters in the UK said, "Up to 70 percent of melanoma skin cancers may be triggered by a gene mutation that causes cells to become cancerous after excessive exposure to the sun, researchers said on Monday. The discovery could lead to better treatments for the most deadly form of skin cancer after scientists at Britain's Institute of Cancer Research established the BRAF gene mutation is often the first event in the cascade of genetic changes leading to melanoma." Overexposure to the sun coupled with this gene significantly increases chances of developing cancerous malignant melanoma. Doctors are hoping this will aid in the creation of prevention and treatment drugs for skin cancer.
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