Facial Yoga

Facial_Yoga_Derma_Blog_May09.jpg Adios plastic surgery? Is there a new kid in town? Facial yoga has taken New York by storm, and taking over your wrinkles. Of course invasive procedures like facial fillers and plastic surgery can remedy your age lines and bring back that youthful charm, but for people who are aiming to save some money during the recession and look younger without the hassles of surgery, facial yoga may be your wisest choice. Reuters said, "At a recent class in Manhattan's wealthy Upper East Side, yoga instructor Annelise Hagen teaches several facial exercises designed to stretch and tone facial muscles. Hagen recently released a book, 'The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift.' She said she developed a workshop using facial yoga because women wanted to look their best, "but they weren't really thinking about how to exercise their facial muscles." She said facial muscles become weak and flabby and need regular workouts and circulation to reduce wrinkles." The same principles as yoga apply to facial yoga, to rejuvenate and increase movement and strength in the face muscles. This aids in tightening the muscles and the skin, which can help clear wrinkles. Now this is not the end all of ways to remove wrinkles, but in times like these, it is a good way to prevent wrinkles and even help you if you do use facial fillers or Botox.
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