FDA Approval for Botox-Rival Dysport

Dysport_FDA_Approval_derma_Blog_May09.jpg The dreaded day for Allergen (the makers of Botox) has come today with their rival Dysport getting FDA approval. It has been granted permission to be used in the market for cosmetic and therapeutic use. Dysport has been used in Europe for years now, so we'll see how the US responds to the wrinkle-remover, especially die-hard Botox affecionado's including those who stuck with injection even during the economic downturn. The Washington Post said, "A day after approving Dysport, the FDA issued an order that Dysport and Botox must now carry the most stringent kind of warning labels. These alerts must explain that the material has the potential to spread from the injection site to distant parts of the body, with the risk of such serious difficulties as problems with swallowing or breathing. Requiring that a drug package carry a box with bold-face risk information -- a so-called black-box warning -- is one of the strongest safety actions the FDA can take. It's usually reserved for medications known to have serious or life-threatening risks, such as antidepressants." Botox has been in use for cosmetic purpose for nearly two decades now even with regulations and sanctions against it's use or warnings. 2.5 million people flock to their local dermatologist for pricks that remove aging lines and bring back their youthful charm.
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