Pale the New Black

sun_tanning_derma_blog_May09.jpg This summer pale is the new black. For those of you hoping to bask in the glory of bronzed beached bodies, it may be a wise choice to think twice before baking and tanning. The Academy of Dermatology is recommending that sunscreen with at least SPF 15 be applied continuously whilst in the sun. Some tips have been outlined and presented by today's New York Times article about UV rays. The NYT said, "Use a shot glass full of lotion (or an ounce) on your body; two coats of spray since it's hard to detect missed spots. Apply a sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before exposure, because some take time to become fully active. Ultraviolet A rays can pass through window glass, so office workers with the luxury of a view should take precautions. Reapply after swimming, toweling off, sweating or every two hours, if you miraculously don't perspire at the beach." If you're starting your sunbathing regiment of beach, bikinis, boardies and surfing remember to keep in mind the tips highlighted above, as skin cancer has the ability to attack people of all ages and skin tones.
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