Bladder Problems? Try Botox

Botox_Derma_blog_June09.jpg Yet again Botox injections are being researched and used for non-cosmetic treatment. From alleviating the pain of migraines to back spasms and sweating, Botox is making headway in the medical field. Now researchers are saying Botox pricks may be utilized for treating bladder problems. Allergen, the creators of Botox are starting to cash in on the lucrative benefits of Botox, by increasing research funding and trying to get approval by the FDA. News 24 in New York said of the Botox perks, "British researchers, who studied 34 patients with overactive bladders, found that Botox improved their symptoms and quality of life for up to six months. The Botox treatment was delivered via a thin, flexible tube called a cystoscope. Each patient received 20 injections through the bladder wall to various sites on the bladder muscles. After one month all of the Botox patients reported greater improvements than the people in the placebo group. Many of the benefits were still present 24 weeks after treatment." Dermatologists are researchers are optimistic about using Botox to treat overactive bladders. Especially since using Botox dramatically improved lifestyle for those experimented on. The prospect is hopeful and researchers are hoping to further experiment and get FDA approval.
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