Botox Benefiting Acne

Acne_derma_blog_june09.JPG Wrinkle removing wonder Botox is being tested to treat acne as well. A Chicago based plastic surgeon has been examining the benefits of Botox for skin and acne health alongside injecting patients who seek out anti-aging treatments. The procedure is still fairly rare and is highly difficult according to the physician who has implemented it into his practice. Medical News Today reported on this procedure, "The muscle paralyzer has to be injected directly into a layer of skin just 1/25th of an inch thick. If it's injected too deeply it can alter the patient's facial expressions. The plastic surgeon believes Botox works by blocking the chemical acetylcholine in the skin's dermis. Acetylcholine is known to increase the skin's sebum production. In addition, the treatment literally paralyzes the tiny erector pili muscles that surround the skin's pores and cause them to expand." The Journal of Drugs and Dermatology will be publishing the study with hopes of making more headway and research on the subject. Non cosmetic use of Botox injections is slowly making its way into the dermatology field, however dermatologists and surgeons have yet to fully deploy such tactics as they are waiting on FDA approval for most.
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