Coastal Dwellers and Skin Cancer

Coast_derma_blog_june09.JPG For those of you beach bumming, lake loving water aficionado's new reports have come out saying living near the coast may increase chances of developing skin cancer. The reports which have come out of Australia show evidence that coastal dwellers have a 41 per cent increase in melanoma rates. This is due in part to being exposed to the sun more often than inner city residents. The Sydney Morning Herald said, "University of Adelaide melanoma specialist Brendon Coventry said the results indicated that people who lived near the coast or the Murray were more exposed to the sun over their lifetime. He said the coastal effect might also be explained by greater physical activity outdoors." Australia has one of the highest skin cancer rates, much of which is credited to the lack of ozone layer and extremely vicious UV Rays. Aussies like many American's are sunshine loving, outdoorsy people, but unlike the US most Australians are very good about sun protection, sunscreen and awareness.
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