Eczema Relief with Bleach Baths

eczemarelief_derma_blog_june09.jpg Eczema issues generally spark at a young age, for those of you with children who are constantly scratching their arms and legs trying giving them a diluted bleach bath. Dermatologists are saying that diluted bleach baths may bring relief to eczema. Some dermatologists say they have been recommending such treatments for years, but this is still the industries first proper study and experiment related to bleach baths. USA Today said of the bleach treatment, "Eczema patients often develop colonies of the bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, on their skin as a result of the itching and scratching caused by the disease, she says. The bacteria can exacerbate symptoms of the disease, so when eliminated by the bleach, patients usually feel some relief. Patients were told to use about a half-cup of bleach for a full standard tub and to soak for five to 10 minutes twice a week. After a month, researchers saw "a significant decrease" in the severity of the symptoms of the group using the bleach." Dermatologists are researchers say it is imperative that you discuss eczema treatments with your physician, especially those related to bleach as it may be harmful to have non-diluted bleach or not-properly diluted bleach in contact with your skin. For now many are happy that at-home remedies may exist for alleviating the discomfort of eczema.
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