Free Cancer Screening

Cancer_Screening_Derma_Blog_June09.jpg As summer approaches dermatologists are hoping to raise awareness for skin cancer. In fact, dermatologists feel skin care and protection from the sun is so essential to healthy living that they are offering free skin cancer screenings. Similarly the dermatology industry is hoping to educate the public about ways to prevent skin cancer besides screening: sun block, safe tanning and wearing the appropriate sun-gear. Norwalk Plus News said, "The screenings raise melanoma awareness. They run 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. each Friday, rain or shine, for the entire family with goodie bags and face-painting activities. Skin cancer is curable when treated in its earliest stages. But fewer than one-third of us examine our skin and more than half don't know the signs of melanoma." So this summer, learn to take care of your skin and be prepared before the sun damages your skin. Skin cancer early detection will make treatment much more effective and the disease considerably more treatable.
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