Laser Wrinkle Remover

Laser_Wrinkle_Derma_blog_june09.jpg The FDA has recently approved a laser treatment that claims to removal wrinkles and induce natural healthy skin growth and repair. The FDA has long been scrutinized for hasty decisions about dermatology toys. Industry observers have been praising the prospect of this new procedure, however dermatologists are still considerably wary. This is because laser treatments for wrinkles have existed for years and have either been too expensive, not covered by healthcare or not effective enough. In fact, that is one of the reasons why Botox has been so successful at wrinkle-ridding efficiency A Fox news blog on the laser treatment said "They [dermatologists] said the laser was most likely quite safe, and it's very unlikely it will damage the eye - but it is not likely to be effective, is expensive, and may only remove the tiniest wrinkles with prolonged use 20 to 30 minutes, twice a day. So in evaluating the FDA's performance here, score one for safety, but zero for effectiveness and cost. And don't expect National Health Insurance to cover the cost of this one." Physicians recommend that patients do not do such procedures at home (do it yourself versions that are available in some stores), and in fact visit a dermatologists for any such cosmetic procedures, as they may have adverse affects or can be damaging if misused.
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