Sunscreen at an Early Age

Sunscreen_Age_Derma_blog_June09.JPG Dermatologists are stressing the importance of wearing sunscreen as a child, for experts say getting sun burned is far more detrimental to your skins health when you are young. Similarly a recent study has shown that a large percentage of teenagers purposely bypass wearing sunscreen with hopes of getting tan and bronzed. The Press Association said, "Dr Robert Pender, from the Sunsense brand, said: "Sunburn in childhood can double the risk of skin cancer, causing deep-seated damage that only becomes apparent years later as skin cancer can take years to develop."Children who are overly exposed to the sun now are storing up problems for the future and it is essential to encourage appropriate sun protection habits in childhood if we are to reduce the incidence of skin cancer later in life." Good sun habits are learned from parents and at a young age, which is why doctors are urging parents to take caution and awareness in teaching their children about the dangers and risks associated with being out in the sun. Learning outdoor safety is key to your child's skin health.
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