The Evolution of Cosmetic Dermatology

Evolution_Dermatology_Derma_Blog_June09.JPG Two decades ago if you were seeking out cosmetic enhancements your choices were fairly limited. From shifty creams to invasive surgery it was a tedious process to tighten your skin, remove excess fat or simply look fit. Nowadays, we are spoiled with the indulgent and innovative techniques cosmetic dermatologists use to remove our wrinkles and restore that youthful charm. Botox, Restylane, Thermage and laser hair removal are just some of the procedures at your disposal when you visit your local dermatologist. The options are endless, prices are becoming more affordable and techniques are very efficient and effective. According to Forbes, "Doctors say patients who regularly urestse fillers can put off a face-lift for at least a decade. "In 20 years, I may not be doing face-lifts at all," says plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani, also based in New York." In fact, dermatologists and industry observers say that the more people dabble into such minimally invasive procedures, pricks and injections, the more likely they are to forgo invasive plastic surgery like face-lifts. Cosmetic dermatology and facial fillers have revolutionized the anti-aging industry.
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