Writing and Botox

Botox_injections_writing_contest_derma_blog_June09.jpg A contest in Florida called "Beauty and the Botox" is asking people to write a 300 world piece describing why they deserve free Botox injections. The winners are being announced in Fort Lauderdale by the dermatologist behind the whole thing: Dr. Jason Shapiro. This comes on the wake of many cosmetic dermatology clinics offering perks and discounts for Botox injections. Some using it as an advertising ploy while other clinics are looking to boost revenue in a downturn. The United Press International said of the contest, "Shapiro said he received more than 1,200 essays that he whittled down to 50 finalists. The winner will be announced during a ceremony at the Sheraton near the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport." This is one of the easier contests out in the market at the moment. With Botox injections running a few hundred dollars per prick, it may be a wise idea for those of you anti-aging aficionado's struggling with money to enroll.
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