Acne and the Sun

SunAcne_derma_blog_june09.JPG For many, this upcoming holiday weekend involves fun in the sun. However, for those who suffer from acne, the sun can end up doing more damage to your skin. Many prescription and over-the-counter medications for acne warn against sun exposure. Reporters on the warns that "many acne sufferers falsely believe that sun exposure can be beneficial for their condition. This misconception is not entirely based on myth -- minimal amounts of sun exposure may initially improve the appearance of acne. However, this exposure over time can actually make acne worse by increasing oil production, damaging follicular walls and clogging pores, resulting in exacerbations that may not surface for several weeks after sun exposure." So if you are going to be having fun in the sun this weekend, be careful! Remember to take extra care of your skin to prevent further damage.
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