Adult Acne

Adults_acne_derma_blog_july09.JPG The majority of people deal with acne in their lifetime, mostly during teenage years. This includes oily skin, pimples, bumps, and blemishes. As we grow older, we don't expect acne to follow us into our adult years. However, adult acne is a problem that a large majority of people face. "Teenage acne tends to be on oily skin and consist of blackheads and whiteheads. The difference with adult acne is that adult acne is more often seen on the face, along the jaw line and neck, and is usually accompanied by dryer or combination skin" reports CBS News. Acne that is left untreated can develop into acne scars on the face, back, neck, and arms. Laser therapy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or light therapy can be used to clear these scars. Adult acne tends to effect women more than men due to the changing hormone levels in women. In addition, people that have a larger amount of stress in their life are also affected at a higher rate. There are a majority of over-the-counter creams to help treat adult acne and those suffering should consult a dermatologist for proper treatments.
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