Botox.. the new miracle drug?

Botox_derm_blog_july09.jpg Botox, the cosmetic toxin best known to help relieve wrinkles, is being used in studies to cure a variety of new ailments as well. The FDA has already approved Botox for fixing cross-eyes, eyelid spasms, neck-muscle disorder, and excessive sweating. Now, researchers are studying the positive effects of Botox on overactive bladder, acid reflux, and back pain, to name a few. A representative from Allergan, Botox manufacturer, told the Union-Tribune that "if you understand that Botox relieves spasms of any over-contracting muscles, and you look at all the medical symptoms (that involve) over-contracting and spasm, then you understand that the applicability of Botox is enormous." Doctors are warned to treat limited number of patients with these "off-label" uses for Botox until the FDA approves the use. Allergan expects Botox to be approved for chronic migraine relief, treatment of enlarged prostate, overactive bladder, and muscle spasms in the next year or two.
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