New Technique to Stimulate Collagen

Needling_derma_blog_july09.JPG A new procedure called Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI) or needling is being used by med spas nationwide to increase facial collagen. A derma roller is covered with tiny needles that pierce lightly into the skin when rolled across the face. The skin is stimulated to produce excess collagen to repair the needle marks, leading to a smoother facial appearance. The process can be quite painful but the swelling subsides in less than a day. The main concern many patients may have is sanitation. "Since the rollers penetrate the skin, the problem of infection is always a possibility. You must be cautious that everything is sterilized clean" stated a dermatologist to the LA Times. Derma rollers are to be sanitized often or replaced after every use. This procedure is conducted in many medical spas, but kits are also sold to consumers. Consumers should take caution before performing this technique themselves. The packages warn to not apply too much pressure, or needling will cause more harm to the face
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