Science Sells

Science_derma_blog_july09.JPG When you walk in the store and pick up a bottle of moisturizer, what is the first thing you look for? For many, evidence of scientific testing and terminology catch their eye. These scientific terms are added onto cosmetic products as a way to attract the savvy consumer. "Right now, the more your product can sound ultra-rocket science, the more attention it's going to get. Consumers want the chemicals, the clinical studies and the technology because if all we needed or wanted was olive oil and lemon for skin care, we would have been using that years ago" says beauty analyst Kat Fay to the Los Angeles Times. Consumers want to feel good about the products they purchase for their skin. Scientific testing and "before/after" photos help ease any worries a potential consumer may have. However, many times these studies claimed on packaging are not peer-reviewed studies and cannot be validated. Despite this, these tactics peak interest in consumers and draw them in to learn more about the manufacturer and the product.
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