Cellulite Reducing Underwear

Cellulite_derma_blog_august09.JPG A new lingerie line in the UK has been created that helps fight cellulite while you wear them. The fabric contains crystals that heat up when worn. The heat helps improve circulation and "melts" the excess fat on hips and thighs to be destroyed by the liver. The lingerie line was so popular that it sold out in minutes in store and online. "The dimple decreasing pants were trialed by 50 women, who wore the knickers every day for a month. Four out of five women lost inches from their stomach, hips and thighs. The effects lasted for up to 12 months when the participants adhered to a healthy exercise and diet regime" reports Stuff UK. These miracle knickers will not cure 100% of your cellulite problems. Proper exercise and diet are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to keep the cellulite off. But if you could find underwear that shaped your body and helped you lose weight, wouldn't you rush to buy it too?
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