Flushing Out the Fat

Waterjetlipo_derma_blog_august09.JPG Water-Jet Liposuction (WAL) is a new procedure utilizing water pressure to dislodge and remove excess fatty tissue. Water-Jet Lipo was developed in 2007 in Germany and has recently been introduced in the United States. The procedure causes less discomfort for patients and a quicker recovery time. "We're really power-washing the fat out of the body," explains one doctor to Sawf News. Unlike traditional liposuction where the fat is dislodged causing swelling and bruising, WAL simply flushes the fat cells out from surrounding tissue. The fat that is removed from the body can also be directly used as a graft. The fat cells do not need extra processing and can be directly injected into other parts of the body. Water-Jet Lipo is brand new to the United States and is already gaining popularity.
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