Melanoma Check

melanoma_derm_blog_august09.JPG People are always advised to check their skin for spots which could relate to melanoma, or skin cancer. These include moles, dark spots, or suspicious areas of the skin with discoloration. Many cases of melanoma can be spotted by patient prior to a dermatologist visit, but a recent poll found that 56% were found only by a dermatologist. Melanoma is treatable is found early. Fox News reported that "the physician-detected skin cancers were not as deep as the patient-detected tumors and they were five times more likely to measure less than 1 millimeter than were those found by the patient." The key for patients to consider is that not all melanoma spots are visible to the naked untrained eye. A qualified dermatologist is best at identifying possible sources of melanoma on the skin. The chance of a person developing melanoma increases with age. This is especially true in those who are in the sun for a large portion of the day. Consult a dermatologist regularly to have all areas of the skin checked.
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