Sun Protection in the Shower

spf_soap_derma_blog_august09.JPG Everyone is aware that sunscreen is necessary for protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. But not everyone remembers to apply daily sunscreen. One easy way to get your daily dose of sun protection is from soap. Bethesda Sunscreen Soap has been created to leave an invisible layer of SPF protection on your skin after bathing. A daily recommendation for sunscreen use is SPF 15. This sunscreen soap only carries an SPF of 10, but is a large improvement from wearing no protection at all. Many times a person may be exposed to the sun during daily activities and not realize the long-term damage UV rays may have. Using sunscreen soap is an inexpensive way to always ensure that your skin is clean and healthy. Users should also utilize traditional sunscreen as well for longer periods of sun exposure and should not rely only on the soap for protection.
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