Autumn Skin Care Tips

From the summer sun to the autumn wind, your skin can suffer as the seasons change. Check out these tips to keep your skin healthy this fall:

1. Keep skin hydrated

Fall weather can lead to dryness, so moisturizers and serums are important to keeping your skin soft and supple.

2. Oily skin needs moisture, too

In some cases, dryness can actually contribute to acne or oiliness. This is because the skin starts to procduce more oil to compensate for a lack of moisture.

3. Don't stop using sunscreen

Even when it's chilly, the suns rays can still damage your skin, leading to age spots, freckles, and even skin cancer. Try a moisturizer that has some SPF built-in, and keep you skin safe year-round.

4. Go in for a professional treatment

Microdermabrasion, frational resurfacing or a chemical peel can do wonders for your skin's health. There are a variety of treatments available to lift off dead skin cells and target the signs of aging, leaving you with a healthy glow.

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