Newly FDA-Approved CoolSculpting a Cool Way to Remove Fat

You have: stubborn fat pockets that resist all your attempts at dieting and exercise. You want: a contoured body, without enduring scars, pain, needles, or time away from your busy life. Meet CoolSculpting, the latest in the world of non-invasive fat removal treatments! CoolSculpting, which is manufactured by Zeltiq in California, was recently awarded the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval for its non-surgical fat-removal process. With this procedure, individuals may freeze away embarrassing pockets of excess fat in a non-invasive manner that is promoted as being pain free. When one thinks of liposuction, the first thing that likely comes to their mind is the surgical procedure that may require an overnight stay in a hospital and period of downtime. Laser liposuction has been on the market for some time as well, but with CoolSculpting, the fat is metabolized non-invasively unlike the laser options. The process works by exposing the fat to cold temperatures, which changes the structure of the fat cell without harming the skin or muscle in the region. The cells are reabsorbed by the body, which naturally disposes of them, resulting in a more contoured appearance. While a new larger handheld device is being developed and tested, CoolSculpting may be most effective for smaller areas of body fat. It is not intended for patients who are obese, but rather those who have pockets of fat that are isolated and do not respond to valiant efforts at diet and exercise. One fairly common example would be love handles, which appear near the waist and may be treated using CoolSculpting. A specialist in your area may be able to offer further information about CoolSculpting and how it may be an effective tool in sculpting away embarrassing fatty pockets.
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