TRIA Laser Hair Removal is Kim Kardashian's Favorite

Thursday on E! News, the exotic celebrity and reality television personality Kim Kardashian discussed TRIA, an at-home laser hair removal tool. TRIA is able to remove hair, permanently reduce regrowth, and best of all, is pain-free! Kim talked about how she has been waxing to remove excess hair since she was a teen, but is now using laser hair removal exclusively.

TRIA is customizable, with five different energy settings to optimize results based on the hair thickness and color. TRIA has been approved by the FDA for the reduction of unwanted hair, but like some professional hair removal treatments, isn't effective with those of darker skin tones, or those with blonde or red hair, because there isn't enough contrast for the device to properly target the hair. The TRIA device is available through MedSpas and other vendors for around $495, and doesn't require a prescription to purchase. Talk to your local skin care specialist to learn more.

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