Best Sunscreens to Protect You This Memorial Day

As you start making your Memorial Day weekend plans, give some thought to your sun protection. Protecting your skin from damaging UV rays will help prevent melanoma AND keep your skin looking younger--and skin that's been hiding under layers all winter is especially susceptible to burns during it's summer debut. Packing sunscreen is a no-brainer, then, but which brand will you choose? There are spray-ons, lotions, scented, oil-free, some with sunless tanner... but don't get overwhelmed! Consumer Reports just released their 2010 picks for the top 4 sunscreens. The Consumer Reports tests looked at "how well each product blocked UVA and UVB rays and how well their claimed sun-protection factor, or SPF ? a measure of UVB protection ? lasted on volunteers who soaked in water for 40 or 80 minutes." ( The four brands that rank tops (all of them sprays) are Up & Up Sport Continuous (Target); Walgreens Sport Continuous; Banana Boat Sport Performance Continuous and Aveeno Continuous Protection. Remember, even the best sunscreen formula won't provide adequate protection unless you apply a generous amount, and reapply regularly. For more information about sun protection, contact a local specialist.
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