Get that summer Golden Glow... with Gold Face Masks?

We're always searching for the hot new thing in skin care--the fruit extract that cures acne; the secret ingredient that erases wrinkles--but have you heard of the latest in skin rejuvenation? Face masks that feature gold as their secret weapon against aging are becoming available, and while you may not want to risk your fortune on these masks just yet, those seeking the midas touch should look no further. You can get these masks through mail-order, and they arrive ready to apply in a face-shaped form. Or, if masks aren't your thing, you can get your gold in a variety of other skin enhancing mediums. Gold has been flaked, liquefied and otherwise incorporated into moisturizers and sunscreens, eye creams and lip balms. Some med-spas or other skin care facilities may offer 24-karat gold facials. To read the whole article about Gold Facial Masks, click here, or for more information about facials and skin care without the golden price tag, follow this link.
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