Laser Liposuction: The Debate Continues at ASAPS

During the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) conference a few weeks ago, the controversy regarding Laser Liposuction techniques was addressed once again. Presenters Dr. Barry DiBernardo and Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel gave a point/counterpoint discussion regarding the benefits and possible drawbacks of laser lipo. According to an article by, Dr. DiBernardo "believes that laser lipo is a useful tool in body contouring because it is effective and safe, as well as having the added benefit of providing patients with skin tightening." The article notes, however, that Dr. Kenkel believes that heating the tissues as laser lipo does is potentially dangerous, carrying the risk of burning the patient. Talk to your specialist about Laser Liposuction safety if you have any concerns, and learn more by exploring
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