Self-concious About Cellulite? Try Synergie!

Are you and your cover-up inseparable on the beach? Cellulite can cause a disturbing lack of confidence in even the most outgoing people. But a new treatment is available to those looking for a fast, non-invasive option to treat those dimpled thighs. Meet Synergie! The Synergie systems created by Dynatronics give skin care providers a way to sculpt the body and restore the appearance of youthful skin using vacuum massage. Three different instruments allow the skin care provider to work on any part of the body which needs toning or firming. These machines create the relaxing suction which is used to smooth away cellulite, improve skin elasticity, increase skin exfoliation, and take away inches without additional dieting or exercise. You read it right: a massage that treats cellulite and tightens skin. No recovery time is required, and results are visible after just a few treatment sessions. To schedule your beautifying massage (Synergie Treatment) contact a local specialist, and to learn more about Synergie, Click Here.
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