Non-Surgical Nose Job: Hot New Trend

Non-surgical beauty fixes have been growing in popularity as more and more people look for results without the downtime associated with traditional cosmetic surgery. Now, those looking for minor adjustments to their nose and profile may have a minimally invasive alternative to Rhinoplasty: the non-surgical nose job.

Featured today on The Dr. Oz Show, the procedure is done using dermal fillers that are already approved for use in correcting facial wrinkles. The injections are strategically placed by the specialist in order to add definition and lift the tip of the nose, as well as to smooth the nasal bridge. While the results are not permanent, some of the dermal fillers currently on the market can last for years--plus, dermal filler injections don't require the extensive recovery time associated with a nose job. However, because no surgery is involved, the results are best for individuals with minor concerns or those who may want to tweak their plastic surgery results.

One of the best features of the non-surgical nose job is that patients do not have to undergo any general anesthesia. This also allows for the patient to get real-time results and give feedback on them so they can achieve exactly the look they want.

A non-surgical nose job can be performed in 15-20 minutes, and patients are able to return to daily activities immediately, although some bruising, swelling and redness at the injection site may occur. To find a dermal filler specialist near you, visit

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