Blue Peel Facts

The Blue Peel is a medium strength chemical peel which uses trichloroacetic acid (TCA). When used, the blue peel has been known to improve skin texture, add contour to the skin and create a more youthful looking skin.

Blue peels are currently used to treat

- fine lines

- wrinkles

- acne scars

- fad brown or sun spots

- diminish pores

- smooth skin

Blue peel does not affect the deep creases and forehead wrinkles.

Safety of Blue Peels

Blue peel is infact a peeling agent and all peeling agents have the potential to cause a skin burn, excessive peeling and scar formation

It is highly recommended that all blue peels be used under the direction of a physicians.

The Blue peel has a safety valve to prevent excessive topical application of the agent on the skin.

The blue dye that is applied along with TCA helps the technician know how deep the chemical has penetrated. The color changing factor of the Blue Peel allows the technician to know when to remove the peel.

After Blue Peel Treatments

All individuals need at least 2-3 weeks to recover after a Blue peel treatment

After application of the blue peel you can resume normal activities

All individuals should avoid sun exposure after a blue peel application

The first 2-3 days after application of a blue peel, your skin will have a bluish tinge

Drying, flaking and peeling of the skin is usually evident after 4-5 days.

The peeling of the skin stops with in 7-9 days after receiving the peel.

The results of blue peel are not permanent and all individuals need repeat treatment to maintain the cosmetic effect.

Treatments have to be repeated 1-2 times a year

The cost of Blue peels is variable but on average cost anywhere from $400-600 per treatment

Other Peels that may act similar to TCA include concentrated glycolic acid, resorcinol and salicylic acid

Medium peels such as TCA are an inexpensive and highly effective way to optimize the look of your skin.

The major disadvantage of a Blue peel is the recovery time.

If one has time available to allow for recovery from the visible flaking of the skin, the results of a Blue Peel are decent and recommended.

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