Causes of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are generally a sign of old age but there are some factors which can cause premature wrinkling. Wrinkles once formed are permanent. No matter what is mentioned by anyone, wrinkles can not be permanently erased. The common factors which increase wrinkling are:

Aging: This is an absolute risk factor for wrinkle formation. Age can not be modified. Everyone who gets old will develop wrinkling of the skin. With age the fat underneath the skin disappears, the elasticity decreases, the skin becomes thin, starts to sag and is prone to damage. Further, the sweat glands which secrete the oils no longer function effectively, making the skin dry and scaly.

Routine facial expressions: Those individuals who make frequent and recurrent facial expressions on a daily basis also develop wrinkles much easier than those who do not. Facial expression may exacerbate lines between the eyes and along the corners of the eyes. These frequent facial expressions go on to become a permanent fixture on the face.

Sun exposure: Exposure to sun is now recognized to be a major risk factor for aging of the skin. Often referred to as photoaging, the sun is responsible for numerous skin lesions, including skin cancers. UV light causes wrinkles to form much earlier in life.

Smoking: Another factor which can contribute to early aging and wrinkle formation is cigarette Smoking. Smoking is detrimental to many of the structures in the skin and readily causes aging of the skin. The skin once damaged by the sun becomes thin, is prone to injury and causes coarse wrinkles.

Rapid weight loss: The sudden loss of weight can lead to sagging of the skin. This is commonly seen after child birth and weight loss (bariatric) surgery. The loose skin and the stretch marks make one look very old.

Family history and genes: It is believed that some individuals are just more prone to quicker aging. This is related to a familial trait but the genetic inheritance is not well understood.

Gender: Some data indicate that women are more prone to wrinkles than men. Women are also more distressed by their wrinkles than men.

Of the above factors, avoiding sun and stopping smoking can go a long ways to prevent premature aging and wrinkle formation.

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