Cellulite Facts

Cellulite is localized fat deposition in some parts of the body, particularly the buttocks and the thigh, but can occur on the arms, waist and neck.

Why cellulite occurs is not known but is thought to be related to the hormonal changes during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle. Other than this, all the remaining theories remain speculations.

Cellulite is more common in females than males. However, there is no evidence that cellulite deposition has a genetic linkage.

Cellulite deposition occurs in women of all races, cultures and ethnicity.

Cellulite deposition is generally palpable and found in the lower layers of the skin. When the skin is pinched, the cellulite can be grabbed.

Liposuction is not very effective in treating cellulite

Many topical cellulite creams are available. Whether they work is another story. In reality, the majority of creams only smell nice.

Cosmetic creams that contain retinoids do nothing for cellulite

Cellulite Sweating is a nonsensical term that claims that excess sweating can rid you of cellulite. There are millions of individuals who regularly go to the sauna parlors and have cellulite. Drinking tea and eating hot pepper in a sauna to lose cellulite is not only ludicrous but borders on mental retardation on part of these authors.

Adults Body Cleansing: Cleaning the bowel with a pipe in the rectum only flushes out the POOP. The technique is not only dangerous but complete quackery. Bowel cleaning has never been a therapy for cellulite removal or any other medical disease. Many an individual has infact died from bowel perforation using this therapy.

Herbs and other supplements do nothing for cellulite, either.

If massage therapy could remove cellulite, women and men in Thailand would have been cured of this disorder eons ago. Massage generally causes more aches in the massager and feels good for the masseuse

Mesotherapy: A popular procedure in Europe, Mesotherapy involves the injection of vitamins, minerals, and homeopathic medicine to the cellulite area to break down cellulite and stimulate circulation. To be effective, multiple injections over a period of several weeks or months may be required.

Endermologie is a machine which massages your body and removes fat. More quackery rather than any truth. It is best avoided.

Best treatment for cellulite is regular exercise, healthy diet and no smoking. This is more effective, painless and produces the desired results within 6-12 months. And is cheaper than any cream, surgery or medication

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