Hair Removal- Tweezers

Not everyone has the money or the time to regularly go to the spa for hair removal. Among the many methods to remove hair is the use of tweezers. This is an old fashioned but frequently used method by millions of women. It is cheap, can be done at home and works well on almost any part of the body.

For the technique to work, it is best to get a decent pair of tweezers. There are many types of tweezers out their, but finding one which is of good quality and actually works is a problem. The majority of tweezers are of poor quality and thus many women find them unappealing. Infact, a good pair of tweezers is an excellent method of hair removal.

The technique is to grab the hair close to the skin and firmly pull it out. When done correctly the entire hair from follicle will be pulled out.

It may be a poor man's version of hair removal, but the technique has a lot of advantages including:

- it can be done at your convenience

- can be done anywhere-from your office or at home

- is very cheap once a decent quality tweezers available

- does not require expensive chemicals, waxes or shaving

- hair regrowth is slower than shaving

- portable method which does not involve lugging bags full of creams or razors all over the place

Disadvantages of tweezer method of hair removal include:

- some individuals find it painful, exp in sensitive areas like the groin and armpit

- is time consuming but can be done on a regular basis if large areas of hair need to be removed

- may require the help of another individual to pluck hair from difficult places

- many tweezers fail to work because of poor quality

- is only a temporary method of hair removal

Despite these small disadvantages, use of a Tweezer is an excellent method of hair removal

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