Mesotherapy Technique

Mesotherapy is considered a technical procedure that can only be performed by licensed physicians. In the USA, Mesotherapy is routinely performed by dermatologist and cosmetic physicians.

The procedure is done in a clinic as an outpatient. The area to be injected is cleaned and then using very fine needles, the chemical formulation is injected into the lower layers of the skin.

The needle injections are relatively painless because the skin is pinched and the needle is inserted in to the pinched fold. For those who hate needles, a local anesthetic can be used to numb the skin.

The number of injections is variable and depends on the amount of cellulite being treated. The procedure usually take a few minutes to complete.

Most patients require anywhere from 6-10 sessions with each session spaced over a period of 2-3 weeks. This spacing time allows the physician to monitor for the side effects and observe the results of therapy

The injected chemical mobilizes and dissolves the fat which is then burnt away as energy.

Side effects include:

- Minor burning which lasts a few hours

- Bruising which resolves in a few days

- Itching

- Soreness

- Allergic reaction- rare

Most patients first notice the results after a few treatments. The final cosmetic result takes time but one may notice that the clothes appear looser.

To maintain the effects of Mesotherapy, one must also maintain:

- A healthy diet

- Regular exercise

- Stop smoking

- Control diabetes

To maintain the cosmetic benefits of Mesotherapy, repeat and regular injections are required in future. Most individuals require 2-4 treatment session per year

There is little downtime and one can resume work right away. Daily living activities and exercises can be resumed within 48 hours

Mesotherapy does not work for everyone and there is a failure ate of about 10%.

Not candidates

Pregnant females

Insulin dependent diabetics

Those with a history of heart attacks

Skin cancers

Those who take blood thinning medications

When the procedure works, it may smoothen and reduce the fat pads around the body. Mesotherapy can be combined with liposuction as complimentary therapy. The technique is best suited to treat areas with localized fat pads in the chin, upper arms, stomach, etc



Mesotherapy treatments range from $ 300-500 per session

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