Permanent Lip Implants

Second to the nose, lip surgery is now fast catching on as an up and coming cosmetic procedure. Once only for the rich, lip augmentation is now reasonable priced and affordable by many women and men. Full plump looking lips have an erotic appeal just like large breast. They are eye catching.

Lip augmentation can be accomplished by dermal injections but the results are temporary and rarely last more than a year. For a permanent result, lip implants are more appropriate.

Lip Implants

Permanent lip implants are done as an outpatient procedure in a physician's office or clinic.

Because permanent implants are more rigid and less flexible, they are usually inserted into the lips via small incisions made along the corners of the lips or sometimes at the bottom of the lips.

Permanent lip implants are usually made from a biocompatible polymer material called ePTFE (commonly known as Gore-Tex). This material has been widely used in cardiac and vascular surgery for more than 3 decades. A variant of Gore-Tex is Soft Form. This material is even softer and more pliable than the original Gore-Tex. Another permanent material is alloderm (derived from human tissue to fulfill biocompatibility requirements). Artefill also fits into the implant category, because the PMMA microspheres anchor in the lips after the bovine collagen product is absorbed.

The latest lip implants are very soft and have a natural feel and are undetectable. They give an attractive look to the lips and reveal a full plump mouth.

These permanent lip implants do not require repetitive treatments.

These implants do not shrink or disappear with time. They do not migrate and remain in the same place.

Permanent lip implants can be inserted within 10-20 minutes using local anesthesia. There are some lip implants like PermaLip which can be removed if the individual is not satisfied with the result. The same is not applicable to the other lip implants which are difficult to remove.

Permanent lip implant is not for everyone. One should understand and be practical about the procedure. Permanent lip implants are best for individuals who have already had temporary filler and are realistic of the expectations. One should not venture into a permanent lip implant without first trying out temporary filler.

When done well, the results of lip implants are exciting, attractive and give a very youthful appearance to the face.

Side effects and complications

Like any surgery procedure, there are some side effects associated with permanent lip implants and include:

- pain

- swelling

- bleeding

- cold sores

- migration of the implant

- infection

- rejection by the body

- pain

- numbness

- asymmetry of the lips

The majority of the side effects are rare

Should the implanted material migrate, you may require another surgical procedure to remove or reposition the implant.

The cost for lip implants may range anywhere from $ 4000-5000. Because the procedure is strictly cosmetic and elective, never rush into the surgery. Choose your surgeon well and be informed about the procedure, its risks and complications.

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