Recovery After Liposuction

Once liposuction has been completed, the recovery is straight forward. In the recovery room, you will be observed for a period of a few hours and when all the vital signs are stable, you will be discharged home.

After observation in the recovery room, the majority of individuals are discharged home the same day of surgery. Dressings will be present on the area where the liposuction cannula was inserted.

No one is allowed to drive home after the procedure and it is highly recommended that a family or friend be available.

At home, close observation by a family member is necessary fro the first 12-24 hours.

Pain: iI most cases, the pain is mild and over the counter pain medications may suffice.

A compressive garment is generally worn by the individual for a period of 1-4 weeks, depending on where the procedure was done. The compressive garments help to prevent skin damage and bind the skin down to the loose layers of the skin, thus preventing skin sags.

There are numerous garments and the degree of compression is selected by the surgeon. The garments are compressive but not tight enough to compromise the blood supply

If large amount of fat was removed, fluid shifts may have occurred and dizziness may occur for up to 24-48 hrs after the procedure.

The mild swelling seen after surgery will subside in 2-4 weeks

The bruising on the skin lasts a few days

In some cases, numbness may last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months

Most individuals can resume normal activities anywhere from a few days to several weeks after the procedure

The final cosmetic results of liposuction are seen after 4-8 week but in some cases the small bumps and lumps may still be visible for up to 4-6 months

In many cases the cannula sites on the skin are not stitched to prevent scarring. If the stitches were placed, a visit to the surgeon may be required for suture removal.

All individuals must follow the surgeon's advice after liposuction. Tight and constrictive clothing must not be worn for up to 8 weeks to prevent the body fat from moving or migrating into other areas. Loose fitting clothes will help the skin contour by itself

The recovery period after liposuction generally depends on how much fat was removed and from which part of the body. In most cases the recovery time is from 2 days to 2 weeks.

Despite what most individuals think, the results after liposuction are not always immediate nor are they always obvious. In some cases, only a minor improvement is seen and in some cases the results are obvious.

The fat cells are removed permanently, so if you gain weight after the procedure, it usually will not concentrate in the area that was treated. However, it is important to note that liposuction will not prevent you from regaining weight. To keep your new shape and new weight after liposuction, you must follow a proper diet and exercise plan.

The results of liposuction depend on the type of procedure, the skill of the surgeon and the overall laxity of the area prior to surgery

There are many surgeons who perform liposuction and the surgical skills also vary. So before you fork out big bucks for your surgery, be sure to check up on your physician's credentials and experience.

Reports of severe complications and death have been reported when the procedures have been done by poorly trained surgeons.

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