Another in a long list of cosmetic creams for the treatment of aging skin is Renova. Renova has been around for several years and contains Retinoic acid. It is claimed that the retinoic acid in the Cream can help reduce the fine lines on the face and also cause skin tightening- thus producing a more youthful facial appearance.

It has been recommended for the treatment of:

- sun spots

- sun damaged skin

- soft and fine wrinkles

The cream is usually applied on the damaged skin. Because the retinoic acid can cause intense irritation, the cream should be avoided on the:

- eyes

- mouth

- nose

- lips

- sun burnt skin

- open skin wounds

- lacerated skin

After the application of the cream, most users claim that the skin is softer and the texture is smooth.

Renova can be combined with a number of sunscreens and other cosmetics. It has no effect on the deep lines and furrows on the face.

The Retinoic acid in the cream acts as a mild peeling agent and removes all the dead skin and pigments.

Because of the mild peeling agent, Renova is also marketed for the treatment of mild acne. The retinoic acid cleans the pores and helps open up the plugged hair follicles.

The cream itself is not a cure but is designed to be a complimentary therapy with skin self care, moisturizers and sunscreens

The benefits of using Renova are not immediate but take time. Most individuals see an improvement in their skin after 3-6 months of regular use. When the Renova is stopped, the skin reverses back to its original condition.

Prolonged use of Renova is not recommended and the cream should not be used by pregnant females or those who are breast feeding.

Retinoic acids are known to produce birth defects and a discussion with a physician is highly recommended before using this product.

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