Symptoms of Boils

Boils generally present initially as a reddish skin lesion of varying size. Initially all boils are small. Over time, the skin elevates and fluid starts to accumulate. At this point the boil is obvious and pain will be evident.

Boils generally signify an infection of the skin and the following signs may be present

- the skin will become red

- warmth is present

- the skin area is swollen

- multiple boils may be present

- patient may complain of fever and chills

- when there are multiple boils, the lymph glands may appear swollen

- pain may be present

In the normal individual boils are not of a major concern and can be easily treated. However, in some individuals especially diabetics and immunosuppressed individuals, boils may be serious.

One should seek medical attention when

- you have persistent fever

- when you have chills and sweating

- when the pain is intolerable

- when the boil is extruding frank pus

- if you are diabetic

- if you are taking chemotherapy drugs

- multiple boils start to appear

- the boils appear to be getting larger

- not responding to home remedy

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