Treatments for Cellulite

Cellulite treatment is big business. Everyone is into it. Because no one knows why cellulite occurs, there are as many treatments as there are theories. There is no cure for cellulite. All treatments are considered temporary and palliative. Cellulite will continue to occur with age even if all the risk factors are controlled. The aim of all treatments is to remove the localized fat pads, tighten the skin tone, and smoothen out the body contour and make it attractive.

The most common treatments for cellulite include:

Endermologie: This is a recently approved treatment for reduction of cellulite. The non surgical technique involves the use of a mechanical device which has rollers. The machine essentially massages the body fat and mobilizes the fat. The release of fat from the deeper layers by the machine allows it be wasted away as energy. Over time, one can observe a loss in weight and even waist size. Some individuals (especially the ones who sell the devices) swear that the techniques improves body toning

Ultrasound: This non invasive method has also been touted as a treatment for cellulite reduction. There are some Ultrasound devices approved for this purpose only. How Ultrasound does this is not understood. Some physicians claim that combination of Endermologie and ultrasound results in rapid cellulite loss.

Massage: Manipulation of the body with massage therapy has also been claimed to reduce cellulite. It is believed that massage releases all the fat from the deep pockets, releases muscles spasms and improves blood flow. Other claims that massage is more effective if the individual is first wrapped in some type of compression garment. Inside the wrap, one may add aromatherapy, aloe and seaweed to make the process even more effective. Those who sell this therapy claim that the body wraps soften the skin as well as provide relaxation.

Electric muscle stimulators have been used as a treatment for fat reduction for decades. It is claimed that small amounts of electrical current applied to the fat pads releases the fat as energy. So far all reports are anecdotal and over the decades many types of electrical devices have been devised. The best advice on these machines is save your money as most of the science behind is it is based on quackery.

Liposuction: For those with large fat pockets, liposuction has been used effectively to trim the body. It removes both fat and cellulite. The techniques of liposuction have been refined and today smaller needles are available which can suck out fat from almost any part of the body

Creams: There are thousands of cosmetic creams which have been touted as a cure for cellulite. Almost everyday, there is a newer cream on the market with exorbitant claims. The creams are said to contain vitamins, herbs, acids, alkalis and almost everything under the sun- and they all claim 100% effective or money back. There is no scientific data to show the effectiveness of a single cream on the market. The market for creams for weight loss is booming and now there are even creams which claim to contain chemicals that can inhibit fat genes. Most of the cosmetic creams claims are fraudulent. Asides from making you look pretty, nice and smell nice, they have no medical value.

Mesotherapy: This newer technique of injecting drugs and various formulations of nutrients into the body has also been claimed to be effective at treating fat lumps. The technique has been said to compliment liposuction and used to treat localized fat pads in the body

Exercise: For the majority of individuals who want to rid their cellulite, nothing beats regular exercise. The treatment is free, can be done anywhere and is good for the entire body. Simply walking 30-60 minutes a day and being patient will give you the desired result in 6-24 months.

Unfortunately, the cellulite industry is out of control and there are numerous treatments. No one treatment works for everyone and many of the treatments are not based on any science at all. For those who desperately want to get rid of cellulite, daily and regular exercise is the best and cheapest- and with probably the most satisfying result.

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