What is Cellulite

Next to wrinkles, cellulite has become agonizing for many women. Cellulite has now become one of the major complaints that women make to their cosmetic surgeon. Some individuals think of cellulite as a medical disorder, others think it is simple fat and others think it is a hereditary disorder. Whatever the thought, cellulite has created undue to anxiety and apprehension in a lot of people.

Cellulite in simple words is superficial collection of fat underneath the skin. The fat collects in pockets and can be seen as uneven or bulging masses on the thighs and buttocks. Unlike the deep fat, the cellulite pockets can be pinched and are lumpy in texture.

Sometimes, the skin may appear the color of a light orange peel. In some women the cellulite may be contained in small pockets and only be felt when massaged. In others, the fat pockets may hang causing dimples and lumps which are obvious.

Cellulite is common and millions of women have it. Cellulite is seen in the adolescent women but rarely in men. Cellulite is very rare in children.

It is believed that the cellulite forms in isolated pockets due to a disturbance in fat transport.

Cellulite is most common on the:

Thighs: Cellulite can occur in isolated pockets both in front and at the back of the thigh. In most cases, the cellulite pockets are obvious and visible to the naked eye. Thigh cellulite is one of the major reasons why women avoid wearing bikinis.

Waist: Along the waist, mounds of isolated pockets may be obvious and the lumps can be massaged. Most women develop these during pregnancy and there are the most difficult to get rid off.

Neck: Some women do develop lumps of cellulite on the neck. This can often be massaged.

Buttocks: Next to the thigh, the buttock is the most common area of cellulite. The pockets of fat are quite obvious and tend to grow larger.

Upper arm: Cellulite in the upper arm is most common in the older woman. The reason for this is unknown but has been linked to altered blood supply and lymphatic drainage.

Despite the common belief that cellulite only occurs in obesity, there is no correlation to weight - because even thin women do develop cellulite

Once cellulite develops, it rarely disappears on its own. Infact as the individual ages, the condition may worsen. Other factors that may worsen cellulite include poor diet and weight gain.

Symptoms of Cellulite

Women who have cellulite always know if it. Even though the disorder is only of a cosmetic concern, it has a few features of cosmetic concern

- the lumps are visible

- there may be dimples along the skin surface

- the lumps may be tender

- the lumps are unattractive

For those who have cellulite, you are not alone. More than 90% of adolescent women do have the condition. The condition does not predispose one to any medical disorder. The only problem with cellulite is that it is cosmetically unattractive.

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