Home Based Remedy To Prevent Aging

We live in a world where most of us are afraid to age. Unfortunately, aging is a part of life and there is no treatment to reverse it. Despite the media hype about cosmetic products, nutrition, herbs, spices and surgery, none of these can reverse or even prevent aging. The few treatments available today at most make the skin look young for a few months and then the signs of aging catch up. To treat aging skin, the best treatment is prevention. Many individuals develop premature aging and in many cases this can be delayed.

The best preventive measures to slow down aging are:

Avoid Sun:
Sun expsoure is one of the highest risk for premature aging of the skin. Those individuals who have been exposed to the sun since childhood will generally show deep creases and wrinkles by the 4th decade of life. Avoiding the sun early in life is the key to delaying wrinkles.

One should avoid going out during the times when the sun's UV rays are at a maximum. The times between 10 am to 3 pm should be avoided.

Sunbathing: Everyone loves to sunbath. However, the tanned looking skin frequently starts to look very old by the 4th decade of life. So avoid excessive tanning. Wearing a sunscreen is not enough to prevent sun damage

Suncreens: For those who are sun lovers, wearing a sun screen is essential. There is no sunscreen which is 100% effective in blocking all the UV light. Buy a sunscreen which has both organic and inorganic compounds. These sunscreens are by far the best protective agents

Protective clothes: If one can't avoid the sun, one should wear adequate clothes to cover the face , neck and arms. Today, there are clothings made from speical fabrics which can reflect back the UV light rays

Wear a hat

Stop smoking: Next to the the sun, smoking is another common cause of premature aging. Most smokers develop deep creases and wrinkles in their prime. These wrinkles and creases are irreversible. There are no treatments available to treat smoking induced wrinkles.

Moisturizers. For those who are constantly exposed to a dry environment, use a moisturizer. Dryness can rapidly destroy the lower skin tissues and cause sagging and wrinkle formation.

These simple home remedies are much more effective than any other tteatment available in delaying the signs of aged skin.

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