Home Remedies For Excess Sweating

The therapy for excess sweating is difficult and complex. There are many myths associated with the causes and thus many treatments have been developed. The majority of treatments are ineffective and even when they work; the duration of treatment is short term. The therapy can be challenging for both the patient and the physician.

Both topical and systemic medications have been used. Other treatment options include Iontophoresis and Botulinum toxin injections.

General care

For mild sweating which is localized the following may help:

- use soaps which are bland and contain an emollient

- avoid spicy foods

- avoid excessive heat

- Use anti perspirants regularly for the axilla (Antiperspirants reduce the release of sweat, deodorants mask any unpleasant smell)

- Avoid clothes that more easily show up sweat marks.

- Wear loose clothing under the armpits, and preferably not made with man-made fibers such as lycra and nylon

- Change socks at least twice daily

- Use an absorbent foot powder twice daily

- Wear a different pair of shoes on alternate days, to allow them to dry fully.

- Avoid running/sport shoes or boots, as these are likely to have an occlusive effect.

Deodorants and Anti perspirants

In people with significant axillary sweat or odor problems, deodorants and antiperspirants often fail to control the sweat or odor. Anti cholinergic medication, such as Robinul, offer temporary relief and may cause total body dryness and drowsiness. Drysol also dries the skin and requires lengthy treatment, causing a temporary result. Oral medication such as Robinol offer temporary relief however it may create body dryness.

When these measures fail to control the sweating, other alternative may have to be tried out.

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