Laser Hair Removal in Georgia

Laser Hair Removal is now available in most cities and towns in Georgia. Cosmetic physicians and many health care professional now offer all the latest laser therapy for semi permanent hair removal.

Numerous types of lasers are available today. Technical advances have led to the development of hand held laser probes with different wavelengths of light.

Many of these lasers now have a cooling device at the tip of the laser to sooth the pain

All lasers work in a similar way. The laser generates heat energy which is the transmitted to the hair follicle. This heat then selectively destroys the hair follicle.

Lasers can be used to removal hair on most individuals and event hose with fair or dark skin.

The laser treatments do take time and this is dependent on where the hair being removed and how much is to be removed. Collection of hair on the chin takes a few minutes but hair removal on the leg may take anywhere from 60-90 minutes

Today lasers can be used to remove hair from

- Back

- Shoulders

- Underarms

- Bikini line

- Chin

- Lips

- Legs

The majority of individuals require at least 2-6 treatments but some may need 8 or more. Each laser treatment is spaced over a few weeks.

Factors which affect laser removal include the:

- skin tone and color

- coarseness of fineness of hair

- type of hair color

Lasers have now been used for over 2 decades and are considered safe for use in hair removal

Laser hair removal is not completely painless and there is a sharp sting associated with it. The physician may apply a topical anesthetic to sooth the pain

After the laser, most individuals will develop a reddish skin area with mild swelling. This will dissipate over the next few hours or a few days

It is recommended that one apply a cool compress to the area for the first 12 hours to decrease the skins welling and redness

The average cost of laser hair removal is variable on where you live and whom you go to. The type of laser used does not greatly influence the cost. It is the area and the amount of hair that you want removed that affects the costs

The cost of laser for hair removal in Georgia from the lip may range from $ 75-200, while hair removal from the back can cost anywhere from $500-1000

Because hair removal is strictly an elective cosmetic procedure, search your physician and the clinic.

Ask the costs and determine if there are any package deals. Do not go the first clinic on the block, ask around and get the best deal for your money

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