Liposuction is often known as lipoplasty. The basic essence of the procedure is to remove fat collections from specific locations of the body. Liposuction can be performed on:

- the neck

- upper arms

- chest

- abdomen

- thighs

- calves

- buttocks

- breasts

- face

When done well, the procedure produces gratifying results.

Liposuction is ideal for both men and women who have localized collection of fat pockets. These fat pockets generally are resistant to exercise of dietary manipulations

Lipoplasty can be performed on individuals of all ages but the best results are obtained in the younger individuals. Individuals who have lost their skin elasticity usually develop sagging and a wrinkled skin appearance after lipoplasty

The procedure is often combined with other cosmetic procedures.

Depending on the location of the fat pockets and the extent of fat removal, the surgery may be possible under local anesthesia. If large areas such as the abdomen and buttocks require lipoplasty, general anesthesia is required.

The fat is simply removed by inserting a small hollow metal cannula (tube) and suctioning off the fat. Only very small skin incisions are made for the cannula insertion.

The surgeon then guides the cannula into the fat pockets and the fat is suctioned off. There are numerous techniques of liposuction and the best method is based on the individual and his fat location

Irrespective of the technique of liposuction, the best results are obtained by choosing a surgeon who is proficient with liposuction.

Like any surgery, liposuction does have a few complications but these are rare. The common side effects after surgery include bruising, bleeding and poor healing of the skin.

Despite what the physicians claim, liposuction is not a permanent solution for fat removal. Complimentary methods like diet and weight control must be started to maintain the results obtained by liposuction

In most cases where only small areas of the fat pockets have been removed, the recovery is rapid and individuals can return to work in a matter of days

Liposuction is not a treatment for weight loss and is completely ineffective for removal of cellulite

Despite all the hype about lipoplasty, not all individuals have the desired results and the results are variable among similar individuals.

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