Neck Lift

Did you know that the neck begins to show signs of aging quicker than your entire face? Yup, it's a true story and get this, you may not need an entire face lift, you may only need a neck lift. But if you are having a face lift anyway, a neck lift can complete your rejuvenation process. Whether its age or the fact that you've lost a significant amount of weight or simply heredity, a neck lift could be the answer that you've been searching for to tone up your appearance. You should visit with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to see what can be done for you - most cosmetic surgeons do not charge for an initial consultation.

Conditions that can be corrected include:

• Loose, sagging skin under your chin

• Excessive skin

• Visible vertical bands in your neck

• Fat deposits in the neck

Lasers can be used to tighten your loose skin while neck liposuction is accomplished through tiny incisions placed behind your ears and under your chin. With neck liposuction, little tubes are used to suction the fat away. For those neck muscles, endoscopic surgery will need to be done through a small incision that is placed underneath your chin, but only if you don't have excessive skin.

If you do have excessive skin, then a neck lift will be your best alternative. Your skin is pulled back and the excess skin is removed. A neck lift can enhance the appearance of your neck. The incisions are hidden behind your ears.

A face lift can last from 2 to 3 hours, but if you are having a neck lift in conjunction with liposuction, face-lift, forehead lift, or other surgeries, then the time will be longer. The exact procedure that you have done will depend on what you are trying to do. But to be able to have a neck lift, you must be in good health physically and mentally.

If you are having any of these procedures or a combination of these procedures you should the following recovery utensils available at your home:

• Ice packs

• Gauze and towels

• Thermometer

• A comfortable to sit, lie or rest

• Pillows that will keep your head in a comfortable position

• You will need someone to stay with you for the first 24 hours

You'll be able to return to work within 1-2 weeks. If you play sports or are involved in physical activities you cannot resume those activities for at least three weeks. You will experience swelling and bruising that may last for several days. You may feel tightness or tingling and different sensations including burning or pulling. You might have some numbness as well. These are all very normal in the first few weeks following surgery and should not be a cause for concern.

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