Other Lip Procedures

Besides lip augmentation, many individuals undergo other cosmetic procedures on the lips. These procedures include:

Lip lift: When the upper/lower lips sag, a lip lift may be ideal to restore the symmetry and the tone of the lips. Lip lift can be relatively easily done under local anesthesia. Part of the lip may have to be cut away to rollout the lip. The placement of incisions is critical to obtaining desirable results

Lip Advancement: Sometimes the lip may appear small. Lip advancement is an excellent procedure to advance more of the lip. The surgery is technically demanding and requires careful placement of incisions

Z-plasty: Sometimes the lips have to be enlarged but there is not enough skin to close the incision. Various Z plasty incisions have been created which can help close the skin on both the upper and lower lips. Z plasties help placement of large implants into the lips. Z plasties are common but the success of this surgery is not always guaranteed

Corner lift. In some individuals the lips may sag at the corners and a corner lift may be helpful. Corner lift may be done after lip implant to add a finishing touch to the plump lip

Camouflage: Some patients are poor candidates for lip augmentation. Camouflage may be a better option for these patients.

Tattooing: for those who cannot undergo lip augmentation or lip lift, tattooing the upper border of the lip with a darker color or even extending the pigment beyond the natural borders to give the appearance of larger and fuller lips. These techniques can be outstanding options for most patients who are poor candidates for lip augmentation, and they may be combined with other techniques.

Laser surgery or chemical peels are best for patients who request only a smoothing of wrinkles, without a change in the shape or volume of the lips. These techniques can also be combined with other procedures.

Many incisions may be used to implant materials in the upper and lower lips. In addition, the surgeon must decide how much of the lip is to be augmented horizontally and vertically. Often, lip projection is difficult to control, and lip protection always occurs with augmentation. In other words, the surgeon must determine if only the vermilion border should be augmented or if the wet line should also be enhanced.

The Final result is always dependent on the skills of your surgeon. So choose your surgeon well.

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