Recovery After Reduction Mammoplasty

The recovery after reduction mammoplasty is not complicated. Most females require 2-3 weeks to fully recover and return back to work. For those into sports, a waiting period of 1-2 months is advisable.

A few women do develop a mild depressive feeling after surgery. This transient episode of depression is normal and rapidly subsides in a short time interval.

Like any surgery, reduction mammoplasty does have a few side effects which include:

Pain: The pain is usually the worst on the first day and then quickly subsides over the next 48 hrs. Most individuals require potent pill to help relieve the discomfort. Over the counter pain medications are effective for the mild pain

All heavy exercise or lifting should be avoided during the first week. This can lead to breakdown of the wound and infection.

Scars. Some women do develop scars along the incision line. Unfortunately, the scarring is permanent but may fade in the future

Keloids. Women of dark skin color are prone to keloid formation. This unattractive cosmetic deformity is difficult to treat and is best left alone

Nerve: in many women, the area around the nipples can become abnormally sensitive even to the lightest touch. This sensation may last a few months to years and may even be permanent

Skin necrosis: in rare cases and particularly among smokers, the skin may slough off and some may require and additional plastic surgery procedure to close the skin defect. Sometimes the skin loss is next to the nipples and may lead to either loss of the nipples

Inability to breast feed: this is a common complaint in females who undergo breast surgery. The surgery leads to damage to the milk glands and the damage is permanent

Breast asymmetry: in some cases, surgery may cause an uneven shape, contour or position of the treated breast. If the asymmetry is mild, it may be tolerated.

Bleeding: sometimes excessive bleeding can occur after surgery and the patient has to be taken back to the operating theater to control it

It is extremely important to be well read and informed about the procedure. A realistic attitude and a certain expectation can help over come the majority of these rare side effects

Reduction mammoplasty is obviously of great benefit if one has symptoms from large breasts. The majority of women feel glad that they had the procedure and only wished they had it done earlier.

The major symptoms of neck and back pain usually disappear and the women are able to participate in sports and other outdoor activities.

Overall, reduction mammoplasty provides a positive self image with improved confidence. The majority of women who undergo the procedure are very satisfied with the results

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